HUMA21: 2nd International Workshop on Human-centric Multimedia Analysis


The Second International Workshop on Human-centric Multimedia Analysis is focused on human-centric analysis using multimedia information. The human-centric multimedia analysis is one of the fundamental and challenging problems of multimedia understanding. It involves various human-centric analysis tasks like face recognition, human pose estimation, person re-identification, human action recognition, person tracking, human-computer interaction, etc. Nowadays, various multimedia sensing devices and large-scale computing infrastructures are generating a wide variety of multi-modality data at a rapid velocity, which supplies rich knowledge to tackle these challenges for human-centric analysis. Researchers and engineers have strived to push the limits of human-centric multimedia analysis in a wide variety of applications, such as smart city, retailing, intelligent manufacturing, and public services. To this end, our workshop aims to provide a platform to promote exchanges and integration for the fields of human analysis and multimedia.

In Proceedings of the 29th ACM International Conference on Multimedia